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As people, we want to feel connected and experience love. We sometimes think that we have to adapt to be part of a group, we often are very good at that. We know exactly what we need to do to be approved and accepted. Surprisingly, adapting is actually an obstacle to the actual connection with others. If you really want to feel connected to others, you must be yourself *.

* This drawing is based the book 'The Gifts of Imperfection' written by Brené Brown.

'If you avoid a conflict to keep the peace, you start a war inside yourself'

A conflict is a situation in which two people have different views. You can avoid a conflict because you do not want to put pressure on the relationship with someone else. Although this may seem a good solution, avoiding conflicts ultimately damages the relationship with another, because you don’t tell another how you really feel so the other person does not know what you have in mind. When you don’t show your true feelings, it will also be at the expense of the respect and confidence in yourself.

The many technical possibilities for communication have enriched our lives. We can get in touch with many people more easily. On the other hand, they have also shredded our attention. The fact that you have many contacts does not say anything about your deep attention for someone else. Because of all the flows of information it becomes increasingly difficult to really keep your attention somewhere. Because our attention is now being fragmented by technologies and social media, there is less room to think deeply about things.

Your comfort zone is the image that you have created about what you can and can not do. It is a place where you feel comfortable and safe. That makes it so easy to stay in there. Don't do it, because it hinders you in your personal growth. The fears that we do'nt face become our limits. There are opportunities for personal development just outside your comfort zone. You grow by constantly trying new things and pushing your boundaries. That does not mean that it feels good to be outside your comfort zone. It is important to be aware that you can feel anxious and insecure outside your comfort zone. But if something frightens or scares you, it may be good to try it and take a step in that direction.

Struggles in life can literally make us feel torn apart. They are often anything but pleasant. Sometimes we would prefer to ban all problems from our lives. Nevertheless, in most cases those struggles and problems can not be avoided and they are part of life. It is important to realize that they can be of great value. When you think back to struggles in your life, you will see that many of these moments have made you stronger as a person. If things go wrong, you have to adapt to the situation again. In overcoming a difficult period you will inevitably grow as a person. Nothing grows without rain, try to embrace the storm in your life.