You can't use up creativity.
The more you use, the more you get.

I am Evelien van der Klaauw and I am currently 23 years old. My goal is to make art with a messageĀ  in the context of personal development. A subject that interests me for a long time, because you can positively influence a part of your life by working on your own development. The books I read, the TED talks that I watched and the people I meet, make me think regularly and give me insights about personal, sometimes social, topics. Because I believe that an image is capable of conveying a powerful message, it is a great challenge for me to capture the insights gained through a powerful image.

My work consists mainly of pencil drawings, whether or not combined with watercolor. Dilemmas that play a role in personal and social issues are emphasized by the contrast in color and material i choose.

You want to see my artworks? Take a look in the art gallery!